Fascinating and Astonishing נפלאות התורה Presentations 

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Books by Rabbi Roitman

This final book יין המשומר is a concise elucidation of one of the greatest wonders in the Torah Code - the Wine of Gan Eden  - an astonishing  and extremely consistent pattern. 

Our first book  והאר עינינו contains these patterns as well plus much more.

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"A fascinating eye-opening presentation demonstrating גל עיני ואביטה נפלאות מתורתך"  where we demonstrate using color diagrams, professional videos and neat slideshows both major Nevuos in the Torah which are being fulfilled in front of our very own eyes as well as classical letter skips from the legendary Rav Weissmandel of WWII shown as a live computer demonstration.

So many students of all types and backgrounds love it and are asking for more. The students walk away with the feeling that our precious Torah contains endless depth and deep meaning and that there are so many wonders both revealed and hidden in our Torah. Our message in short is גל עיני ואביטה נפלאות מתורתך" 

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Recommended Torah Codes Sites

The very best site available is http://www.torahcodes.net/ by leading Torah Codes researcher R' Avraham Levitt - I personally know him for over fourteen years and he is a real scholar and a true gentleman -  he has taught me an incredible vast amount of information and has been an instrumental guide and inspiration towards the writing of our book from the day we thought of writing it until completion. He has also performed extensive and thorough research and is extremely intellectually honest and accurate in all of his work. 

A special thank you to my esteemed teacher, world renowned mathematician  Dr. Eliyahu Rips who has taught me one on one for hours on end and gave me a clarity in understanding the depth of Torah in a way I never dreamed possible,

And a very special thank you to noted scholar R' Chaim Meir Pollak whose teaching, friendship and guidance have been extraordinary and whose exciting new research is unprecedented and on a whole new level.